Weight Loss Done The Right Way

Weight loss done the right way is about far more than just jumping on some fad diet and then severely restricting caloric intake. More studies than can be counted point out the folly of that tactic. For one, almost everybody who loses weight in that manner invariably puts it back on, and sooner rather than later. That’s because it really doesn’t do much to make a concrete lifestyle change.

No, what’s needed is a new way of living one’s life. This means reconfiguring diet, adding in exercise and trying to reduce or — preferably — eliminate other activities such as cigarette smoking and other bad habits. At its simplest, the right way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. However, as soon as most people hear the words “exercise more, ” they run away in fright.

It really doesn’t have to be that way, of course. The problem is that most people — when they try to lose weight — vastly overdo both the dietary effort and the exercise effort, often at the same time. This adds unnecessary burdens to the weight loss challenge of course. That’s because immediately going whole hog in trying to drop weight and increase fitness, people put far too much on their plates, so to speak.

What most diet and fitness experts recommend is to start out the effort with baby steps. Most humans require between 1800 and 2000 calories per day in order to maintain the weight they have. Just cutting out 200 such calories a day — out of 1800 — is cutting out 1400 in a week. A person can comfortably lose over three pounds per month doing nothing else. Think about what a little exercise can do on top of things.

By adding in a graduated exercise effort to the diet regimen, a person can change her body in sometimes-impressive ways and in a short amount of time. Exercise helps to speed up body metabolism, which helps the body burn more calories. Picking the right diet — one which is healthful and composed of fruits, vegetables and whole grains (with a small amount of the right kind of protein from lean meats, chicken and fish, if needed) — is vital.

Unfortunately, most people latch onto the latest fad diet and put themselves through needless amounts of aggravation when sticking to a reduced calorie diet filled with the previously-noted foods is all they really need. And when it comes to exercise, starting out with about 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week is the best way to go. And it introduces the body to an exercise load that’s relatively easy to accomplish as well.

Most often, diet and exercise — when it comes to people who aren’t used to either — is best introduced in steps that can be accomplished. Slightly reducing calories through a healthy diet and adding in small periods of exercise a few times a week is all that needs to be done at first. After a couple of weeks at that level, reducing calories by another hundred per day and adding another ten minutes of exercise per session should be done.

The point to weight loss done the right way is to give a person needing to lose weight a healthy and achievable method for doing so. Surely, most people can find 200 calories in a day to drop, while adding better foods made up of fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead of potato chips and sugary soft drinks. And taking a 20 minute walk 3 to 4 times a week is also a good first step.

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