Different Acne Types

For people who suffer from acne, there can be nothing worse than having several different types appear on the face. Whether it is simple black heads, white heads, or inflamed under the skin lesions it is all scarring and painful. There are quite a few different types of acne that you should be aware of:

Blackheads are open pores that are not inflamed in any way what so ever. Pores can become clogged halfway, or most of the way by dead skin cells. This halts the drainage of sebum, so it cannot drain out properly creating a build up under the skin. The black head is actually melanin from the surrounding skin hardening when it reaches oxygen, not dirt.

Whiteheads are completely clogged pores, but they do not cause the skin to be red. Similar in development to blackheads, but the backed up bacteria and sebum is due to a closed pore. This makes sebum, bacteria and tiny dead skin cells unable to drain properly.

Papules and pustules are the types of acne most people notice and worry about. This is the type of acne, is generally a whitehead that becomes so swollen it gets red, hard, and painful. Bacterial contamination is extremely possible when popping this type of acne, so be careful to wash your hands when touching this type of acne.

While most people are looking for an easy acne cure, or just a simple way to get it gone for good it is a part of the natural cycle of your face. Acne can almost never be prevented, but it can be controlled to a certain degree. Make sure you follow all skin care tips, and learn about how to prevent it from getting worse. Always be prepared for a break out and have the proper tools on hand, and learn the different types of acne.

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